About Us

Meet The Owner: Jessica Jackson

In 2019, I was first inspired to create Triple Jae Designs. I started my small business with the desire to create custom apparel.

Have you ever wanted a specific shirt in a specific color with a specific font and oh let's not forget in a specific style? That is what I enjoy the most, designing what my customers want!!

As a Preacher's daughter, mother of two and former childcare teacher I have been inspired by many scriptures, sermons and children throughout my life. Those many inspirations led me to expand my creativity and to focus on religious/inspirational apparel and gifts for the whole family.

I live through the scripture, Psalms 31:25. "She is Strong," I believe that everyone has a story to share, and my story lies within every handmade item that I design and unique gift that I sell. 

My mission as a black business owner is to share my talent, strength, courage, faith, support and love to all of my customers through every handmade gift, inspiring t-shirt or heartfelt memorial gift. 

About Us

Triple Jae Designs designs and sells handmade items as well affordable apparel and gifts for the whole family.

Happy Shopping! Be Blessed!!

Remember, "You name it, I'll create it."  contact us if you have interest in any custom item that you do not see listed on our site